Since July 16, 2015 SUNRISE RESORT has new proprietors:
Alex and Sabrina Sun.
After runnig the Resort for eleven years we - Cees and Anya -
handed over the challenge and are now  just "shooting the breeze" !
but we have to admit:
we already miss the resort-life and especially our guests
of whom most have became like family to us over the years.
We hereby want to thank everybody that stayed at 
SUNRISE RESORT in the past eleven spectacular years
Best years of our lives so far thanks to all of you !
We hope Alex and Sabrina will enjoy living and working at
SUNRISE RESORT just as much as we did.
They could not have picked a better spot . . . ! 
we wish them all the best.
                                                           Cees and Anya

 Time flies . . .

Yesterday Spring started and when we woke up this morning 
it was SUMMER !!!!!!!

REALLY . . . . ?!

What did we do those last three months ?
Actually – thinking back – “we” have done a lot.
Our Drinking-Water-Filter-System is completely upgraded.
Everything is “digital” now (except for the pump) and super-safe
all kind of alarms going off when something goes wrong.
And we can read off our daily water use, monthly use,
yearly average 
and even the water flow at “the” moment.
Also – and I’m very pleased with this possibility – we can see if there’s 
leak somewhere in the installation and we had plenty (small) leaks.
Mostly all the toilet-tanks were spilling water!
The upgrade of the filter-system was expensive, but worth every penny !

We also levelled the building with the efficiency units # 9 and 10.
Just on time, because the in-ground support-beam at the back of the 
building was completely rotten through and had to be replaced.
One can walk in the units now without having the feeling anymore of having 
 a few too many (unless you really had a few too many of course)!
So that too was money well spent.

Another bonus this spring . . . . . NO FLOOD !!!!!!
That was a welcome variation compared to the previous five years.
Don’t know if this was a lucky shot of the Trent-Severn-Waterway Engineers 
or if they finally figured out how to control the water levels.
We like to think the latter.
I guess we’ll find out next spring! 

And the best part of the past weeks . . .

Lukes Walleye website

The fishing has been good from the start on May the 9th
and it seems to get better every day.

Very promising for the continuation of the season.
We hope you will catch your share of bass, pickerel and muskie this summer.

Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2015 !

                                                                              Cees & Anya



SPRING is back and the sun is getting comfortably warm.

After the very cold January and February this warmth feels Super good.
And this warm sun also creates a lot of new energy.
But – early March – we already recharged our batteries a little by
visiting our favourite island
It’s Dutch and warm . . . an unusual, but very pleasant combination.
It was a last-minute decision, made late February.
We had a great, relaxed week and explored the island this time on
our own, using public transportation instead of organised tours.
Meeting the original residents this way instead of fellow tourists.
We also talked to a few people who emigrated from Holland to Aruba.
It was nice to hear their stories, but – in spite of the paradise-like
conditions on Aruba – we’re glad WE moved to Canada !!!

  So, after a week of eating, drinking, site-seeing and being extremely lazy,
we were ready and glad to come back to good-(c)old-Buckhorn again
and after a few days of getting used to the 30˚C difference in temperature
we slowly started thinking about getting started for the new season.

Our drinking-water-filter-installation will be completely upgraded this month
and the unit 9 and 10 will be adjusted.
Anya started the spring-cleaning and I’m preparing to test the waterlines and
the sewer pipes . . . always a bit of a nerve wrecking undertaking.

Sunset on Aruba

In short:
we are getting ready for season 2015 and we are very excited about it !!!!!!


It's Over . . . .

and 2014 was an old-fashioned GOOD and busy season.

Thanks to everybody who stayed at SUNRISE RESORT this season
and made this happen.
You all gave us the feeling we were on vacation as well !

I apologize for not maintaining the News Letter as well as I promised
at the beginning of the season.
I intended to, but somehow never got the time to do it ?!
I will try again next year !

Anya and I wish you all a
happy, healthy and prosperous 2015
and we're looking forward seeing you again in the new season.


P.S.     Confirmations and calendars will be send second week of January.


IT'S AWFUL . . . . 

how time flies when you’re having fun !!!!!!!!
August already and it feels like we’ve missed June and July somehow.
Unbelievable, the weeks go so fast, but at least everybody is having a good time.
A few turtle races, lots of swimming and kayaking and camp-fires at night.
The Stand-Up-Paddle-Boards are a success and the fishing is still very good.

We hosted several Bass Masters Fishing Tournaments and everybody was
excited about the number of bass caught and especially the size of those fish!

Brrrrr ..... early start of a Bass Masters Tournament, not my favorite time of the day!

  And our guests are not doing any less . . . o
ld and young !
The twins, Ethan and Brandon, caught a beautiful 3.5 lbs bass.
And while Ethan was reeling in his fish, Brandon tried to net it.
Great teamwork guys . . . .
Six years old . . . . hooked on fishing for life now ! ?

Cees and Anya


We wish you all a


2019 !!!!

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