Less Than Two Weeks...

to Opening weekend !

Fortunately it started warming up last week and it became warm enough to hook up the waterlines to the cottages.
Anya 's happy and she and "her" ladies started the "Spring-Cleaning" right away and it looks like she will be ready in time !
That stress is gone...
only to be replaced by the stress for high water-levels and the chance of severe flooding.

All the lakes above us - Upper Buckhorn, Pigeon, Chemong (the Tri-Lakes), Sturgeon, Camaron and Balsam Lake - are extremely high.
Higher than ever before, according to the Peterborough News Channel.
Our fear is that all that water from these Upper Lakes has to go through "our" little Lower Buckhorn Lake before it goes further down to Lake Ontario.

Nobody seems to have any idea how long this is going to take or how bad it is going to get.
The good news of today the water level of Lower Buckhorn Lake stopped rising !!!!!

Right now our property is flooded and so far nothing unususal or disastrous.
However the water level of "our" lake is way too high to move our docks to their summer spots.
We just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope it will go down on time (before Opening Weekend on May 10)...
but it always has in the past so it probably will again this year...

Keep you informed
Cees and Anya

Eight Weeks To Pickerel-Opening...!

and Anya and I are anxious to get started.001terrasWe charged our batteries with a nice vacation on the warm and sunny island of Curacao.
Because it was our fortieth anniversary we decided to go two weeks this time instead of one!

Halfway our first week our sons David, Ronald, Ronald's partner Janeace and our grandson Jason knocked on our hotel-room door... at 7.15 am...
They decided - as a surprise for our Anniversary - to fly over from Holland and spend a week with us... and what a week it turned out to be....
Definitely one of the best weeks of our lives !

After the energy-boost we got from this holiday we are totally ready to get going... if only it would stop snowing.
We already had a new window installed in cottage # 3 and I started replacing the kitchen-counter-top and the back-splash in cottage # 7.
Unfortunately I had to stop because of the freezing temperatures and the snow,
but according to the "weather-man" temperatures will get warmer next week.
Let's hope he's right for a change !

Cees and Anya

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to our second Newsletter.

To everyone that stayed at SUNRISE RESORT in 2012:
Thank you for another wonderful season !
We might not have been the busiest Resort of the area, but... we definitely had the Best Guests !

The weather has been very good throughout the whole season.
No “bad” weeks and everybody was able to enjoy the sunshine.
We had several very good fishing derbies for the children, starting with the O.P.P. derby in May.
Lots of pan-fish were caught (and released) during those derbies.
The girls did amazingly well ! . . . . We have to do something about that next year boys!
Pictures of the derbies will be on our site first week of January . . . promise.

I haven’t been very good in 2012 with “updating” our website.
My intention for 2013 is that I will “Update” our website more often.
Newsletter and pictures will be changed at least once a month, but during the season I want to do this weekly.
I’m going to practice this winter so I will be good and fast when the summer starts... !
We are also going to change the webcam and hopefully have better pictures of the lake with more realistic colors, and... we are going to make that Face-book link.
Hopefully it is ready in February.

Our SUNRISE RESORT calendar with the confirmations will be mailed the first week of January.

Ending with a sad note;

Oscar our Dutch Shepherd, passed away early December.
He was not a social dog, like Ben our white Shepherd.
Actually he could be a real pain in the neck sometimes, but he was my dog and when we were together (and alone) he was happy and eager to learn and to please, although this “to please” might be hard to believe... (but it's true).
Oscar was almost 3½ years old... and speaking of dogs:
We collected $ 500.00 with our “dog-fees” and we will donate this amount to the Lakefield Animal Welfare Shelter.

Picture Oscar


Cees and Anya


First News Letter!

Dear Visitor,
Our first News Letter!
Very exiting!
With this News Letter we want to keep you informed about what’s going on at SUNRISE RESORT and in the Buckhorn area.

Our first announcement:
We will keep selling fishing licences in the future.
MNR has modernized the licence system and last week we received their new (fancy) equipment.
First week of May we’re going to get a “crash-course” and after that we should be good to go !

But mostly with this first News Letter, Anya and I want to thank our son Ronald!>
He designed and created this new website and we are very proud of the result.
It has become a totally different site compared to what it was and that is what we had in mind.
We started talking about this three years ago and Ronald offered to make a new site for me as my birthday present.
Because I couldn’t think of a new concept myself he designed several possibilities and all we had to do was approve or disapprove :).
Three birthday presents later our new website is a fact !
Ronald, thank you for your perseverance and your patience and the innumerable amount of hours you’ve put into this project/present (and there are still a few hours to come)!
The real challenge for Ronald was to create the website in a way that Anya and I – both total computer dummies – are able to make changes or add “stuff” to the site ourselves.
And he managed to do that.
Very impressive, considering our skills!

As you’ve noticed, we are still working on the new site.
I have to update almost all the pictures, there will be a link to Facebook, we are going to show you a “live” view of the bay, the background of the pages is going to change a little bit, etc., etc.
So . . . if you have any suggestions to make our website look even better than it already does, please don’t hesitate and submit us your ideas via the feedback form.
We might use them!

We hope you will enjoy our new website just as much as we did when we first browsed through it and it’s going to get better!

Cees and Anya
P.S. Now Ronald has to think of a different present for my next birthday !


We wish you all a


2019 !!!!

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