New Rates & New Toys . . .

Because we are getting many requests for one, two, three or more nights stays,
we've decided to change our "from-Saturday-till-Saturday" policy and started
to rent out cottages on a daily bases.
Therefore we have adjusted our rate-sheet.
Check it out !

For the older kids - and for the adults young at heart - we purchased
a few Stand-Up-Paddle Boards.
It appears to be a lot of fun, but it isn't as easy as it looks.
The art is not so much to keep your balance, but to paddle in a straight line !

Although the last few weeks were more about family-fun than about fishing,
the fishing is still very good and lots of bass's, muskies and pickerel were caught.
Even nice sized bass and an odd "lost" muskie are caught fishing of our docks.

In short: so far a good season and lots of fun for everybody.
The weather has been mild, not excessively warm and not too cold either
. . . . just right and we hope it stays like this for a while . . .

                                                                                      Alex & Sabrina

The first 10 days of July 

were very relaxed.

The weather was pleasant, not too warm, not too cold and
the fishing was still better than we’ve ever seen it in a long time.
Lot of Bass’s – large-mouth and small-mouth – good sized muskies and pan-fish!

Halfway the week Greg – our “weed-man” – cleaned our swimming area
from excessive weeds and garbage and were we “allowed”
to bring the swimming-raft to its summer spot.

The kayaks, paddle-boats and canoes are on the beach
and finally are we ready for the new season!

Greg the "weed-man" at work in his "weed eating" contraption

                                                                                                Cees and Anya


Seven weeks in the new season and so far so good !

The weather has been surprisingly mild in the Buckhorn area,
warm even most of the days after Pickerel-Opening (May 10th)
and all the predicted rain has missed us most of the time.

The fishing has been good.
More pickerel (walleye) have been caught this spring than in the previous springs
Bass are reeled in in great numbers and they are huge !

  The grass is green and trimmed, the trees are in full foliage, the flower-baskets bloom
and the gravel on our drive ways, parking lots and launching-ramp is renewed . . .

In short;

Our place looks great and the season promising and we can’t wait to welcome you at



See you soon !!!!!!!!



and we have started “spring-cleaning” the cottages and clearing up the property!
One more week and we most likely have to mow the lawn for the first time this year.
That would be a real nice change from shoveling snow and I’m looking forward to it.

SUNRISE RESORT looks fresh and beautiful and
Anya and I are anxious to welcome our first guests.
We are really looking forward to a new great season.

We had to make a few changes.

First: we don’t sell ice (cubes and blocks) anymore.
The Hyland Ice freezer wasn’t working properly and quite often the ice melted.
Hyland Ice was unable to give us a good working freezer so we decided to stop selling ice.

We also had to stop selling live bait (minnows and leeches).
The regulations for selling life bait changed and we couldn’t meet those new conditions.

The good news is:
We have two suppliers for live-bait in walking-distance from our cottages!
Gerry at the traffic light is one and
“Trudes Cottages” at the other side of the dam is the other.

We still sell fishing licences.

Also with the spring came the snow-melt and are we – as usual lately – flooded.
Because of the huge amounts of snow, worse than before.
The water level is still very high at this moment and it is impossible
to bring the docks to their summer-spots.
Launching boats is not possible either yet.
But the water is slowly receding . . . .
and we will be ready on Pickerel Opening Weekend, May the 10th.

We’ll keep you informed !


                                                                                                  Cees and Anya


Less Than Two Weeks...

to Opening weekend !

Fortunately it started warming up last week and it became warm enough to hook up the waterlines to the cottages.
Anya 's happy and she and "her" ladies started the "Spring-Cleaning" right away and it looks like she will be ready in time !
That stress is gone...
only to be replaced by the stress for high water-levels and the chance of severe flooding.

All the lakes above us - Upper Buckhorn, Pigeon, Chemong (the Tri-Lakes), Sturgeon, Camaron and Balsam Lake - are extremely high.
Higher than ever before, according to the Peterborough News Channel.
Our fear is that all that water from these Upper Lakes has to go through "our" little Lower Buckhorn Lake before it goes further down to Lake Ontario.

Nobody seems to have any idea how long this is going to take or how bad it is going to get.
The good news of today the water level of Lower Buckhorn Lake stopped rising !!!!!

Right now our property is flooded and so far nothing unususal or disastrous.
However the water level of "our" lake is way too high to move our docks to their summer spots.
We just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope it will go down on time (before Opening Weekend on May 10)...
but it always has in the past so it probably will again this year...

Keep you informed
Cees and Anya


We wish you all a


2017 !!!!

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